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I.G: Dorado_beauty
Age: 19
Nationality: Jamaican,Dominican, &Nigerian


Whoopy Beatriz Laurenco by Amanda Berens

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Anonymous: This is just so crazy! You look just like me, it's too unreal! And the fact you're Jamaican as well. We could we family! (without sounding like a creep). But how are you? My name is Shanel by the way I like in the UK

this wouldn’t be creepy if you weren’t anonymous. 

I am now really interested. send me a picture! And I am Great how are you?


Model at ‘Chale Wote Street Art Festival’ ⎪ Jamestown - Accra, Ghana 

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autumnal equinox for change, balance, bounty, authenticity, shifting, and release  

autumnal equinox for more hours to be up after dark talking

autumnal equinox for sleeping

autumnal equinox for healing

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